Story Directory

I'm working on various stories, from different places all over the realms of my brain. This is under construction, and the links will contain summaries, concept sketches, and eventually the stories themselves when they're ready.

Tales from the Shatterworld Dust + Devil Songs of the Steel Stars
Short Stories about a pair of monster-hunting adventurer's everyday lives as they travel their fantasy world. A comic about an antisocial former town guard and her giant robot friend trekking across their desert planet to find the robot's mysterious creator. In a solar system where robotic species and mutant humans cohabitate, monsters appear from rifts in reality and threaten to wipe out what life is left after three known apocalypses. A vagrant robot fighter begrudgingly teams back up with his two ex-pilots in the face of imminent danger - small robot, giant mech or organic bionoid, the people of System X won't give up hope!